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Luthiery is a labor of love and patience. Many parts of building or repairing an instrument require hours of minute attention to detail. You can’t rush or take shortcuts. I feel that understanding the personal connection a musician makes with an instrument is a great asset to finely honed skills. I am always moved by the look on customers faces when they see their “lost cause” restored to brand new condition.

-Samuel Koprowski, Luthier


Samuel has had the unique opportunity to build and repair instruments using traditional methods, as well as state of the art technology and procedures. Such methods give him a wide range of skills and knowledge, which he uses daily in his shop to perform flawless repairs on any stringed instrument.

Attention to Detail

Professional guitar restoration and repair work requires meticulous attention to detail. That’s why Sam has over 400 trade-specific tools and fixtures. The right tool for any and every repair is used by practiced hands, with the utmost care. When you bring your stringed instrument in for repair or restoration, you know that it’s in the best hands possible.

Repair & Restoration

Repair and restoration of all stringed instruments, specializing in acoustic guitars, electric guitars, orchestra instruments – violin, viola, cello, double bass, and bow re-hairing & repair.