Bridge removal & re-glue loose bridges are removed without further damage to the top or surrounding finish. glue mating surfaces are restored to bare wood. when the bridge is re-glued a seamless joint guarantees the repair is stronger than the surrounding wood. $150.00

Plane Bridge – $90.00

Bridge material is removed to allow action to be lowered. Bridge surface is restored and conditioned. This service includes a setup. This service may require additional saddle slot routing.

route saddle slot new – $175.00

existing – $60.00

fill & route saddle slot $175.00

fit bridge pins – $25.00

ramp string slots – $60.00

provides extra break angle for strings that are buzzing on the saddle

rebuild bridge – $120.00

(saddle slot bridge pinholes, slots & countersinks filled recut & restored)


Build new bridge

wooden bridges of any variety built by hand. exact replicas, duplications, custom, traditional designs. includes bridge removal &* reglue. starting at $210.00

Bridge Plates

Although rarely thought of by acoustic guitar players, the bridge plate, located inside the guitar, under the bridge, is one of the most important parts of an acoustic guitar. Typically made of a hard wood such as maple or rosewood, the bridge plate’s job is to prevent the ball ends of the strings from damaging the delicate guitar top, or even puling through the top and lifting the bridge. Over time even the toughest bridge plates become worn, and require repair or replacement.



Patch bridge plate – $15.00 per patch

(custom cut patches fitted to each damaged string position)

If done precisely, patching a bridge plate is a fantastic preventative repair. by carefully removing only the damaged portions of the bridge plate & replacing the material with exact fitting plugs, and recutting the string slot, guitar owners can aviod the expensive and risky proposition of having the bridge plate removed & replaced. when installed correctly, bridge plate patches can be replaced indefinitely as they become worn.


bridge plate removal & replacement – $320.00